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Are you looking for a rental property? At ALEXA HOUSING, the real estate agency for rental homes in Bergen, Schoorl and Alkmaar you have come to the right place. As a real estate agent I have been helping private individuals as well as international companies and its expats to find housing for over 25 years. For this I work closely with fellow brokers and relocation offices throughout Noord-Holland.

What can you expect?

  • Introduction at home, at the office or by telephone, app or email.
  • Inventory of your wishes and conditions.
  • Good contacts with fellow brokers.
  • Big network.
  • Active on all social media channels.
  • Extra services possible; clean-up / cleaning / DIY / moving / styling services.
  • Good contacts with the European School in Bergen.
  • I know the area and will gladly show you around.
  • I will review the offer with you.
  • I negotiate on your behalf.
  • I make the lease or check the lease of the renting party.
  • I check all legal aspects.
  • I take care of the check-in with inspection report.
  • I take care of the check-out with inspection report.
  • I register with utilities / telephone / internet / wifi.
  • I am also easily accessible by phone or whatsapp in the evenings and weekends.
  • Reliable, honest and transparent.
  • Quality and personal attention.
  • You will of course receive the good service that you can expect from a specialized office. If you find no or too few suitable objects within ALEXA HOUSING's own offer, I will look for rentals with my fellow brokers. Because I have access to the listings of the entire region, I make a good selection quickly and professionally.
  • No commission when renting ALEXA HOUSING rental objects.
  • Finding a rental with my fellow brokers, the commission is 1 month's rent excluding 21% VAT.
  • No cure no pay!

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Need extra help in your new home? Alexa Housing Extra Services

During the entire process I am happy to help you with great attention to detail. That is why ALEXA HOUSING even offers additional services to make life easy for you.

You can contact ALEXA HOUSING Extra Services to arrange all the extra things that come with renting a property and moving house. For example, how about a stylist to furnish your new home?

I would be happy to help you with the following services:

  • Relocation service
  • Clean-up service
  • Cleaning service
  • DIY/maintenance service
  • Garden service
  • Stylist

* There are costs associated with these extra services

I work with stylist Anneke Deen. Check out her website www.mooi-groot.nl.

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Alexandra van Etten, Alexa Housing

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