Alexandra van Etten, MORE than just your broker!

I wish you a warm welcome to ALEXA HOUSING! My name is Alexandra van Etten and more than 25 years ago I started Alexa Housing Agency, a specialized agency for renting and letting of homes in the beautiful village of Bergen and surroundings.

In recent years, I was allowed to rent out hundreds of homes to both expats from international companies and numerous private individuals in the North Holland region. Rental assignments for these clients have also been part of my daily activities for years. As a result, I have now built up a very large network. Private persons, brokers, international companies and relocation agencies know where to find me. I also have a very good cooperation with the European School in Bergen, which fulfills an important function for all expat children.

Why this work? I am a people person. Connecting people, bringing parties together, giving tenants and landlords a good feeling: that is my Passion - with a capital letter! I also really enjoy the combination of working with private individuals and serving the business market. My empathy is very useful in all of this. I can empathize well, which creates a very personal approach. In doing so, I combine professional knowledge with a no-nonsense mentality, as a result of which I have already established many successful mediations. Style, Integrity and Professionalism:

what you see is what you get!

However, now is the time to expand on that challenge!

As of September 1, 2020, Alexa Housing Agency will continue as ALEXA HOUSING, a full-service real estate broker. Besides renting and letting of houses and apartments, I focus on the purchase and sale of houses, villas and luxury apartments in the region of Bergen and Schoorl. I enthusiastically assist in selling your home.

You can also engage me to search and find your new dream home. Your own personal broker, always available. I do what I say and I say what I do. That is what ALEXA HOUSING stands for, with my all-under-one-roof formula and many extra services, to assist you where I can. I aim for the best result: your complete satisfaction. With my full service brokerage I am ready for you! I'm excited!



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