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Free technical building inspection worth € 375.-

As a VBO sales broker, I am totally there for you from my office at Voorweg 13 in Schoorl. Because I have been active in the Bergen and Schoorl area for over 25 years, this region is very well known to me. In all those years I have built up a nice and solid network.

I take time for you and arrange everything with a lot of personal attention and an eye for every detail. As a real estate agent, I feel it is of great importance to listen carefully, so that I understand better than anyone what your wishes are to properly assess the options available to sell your home as well as possible. I put a lot of time and effort into getting to know you and your home. And then, always in consultation with you, ensure that the entire sales process runs smoothly. I offer customized service, with a thorough step-by-step plan and fully tailored to your personal wishes.


What can I do for you?

  • I know the market like no other and can search professionally, judge and compare.
  • I negotiate professionally and will guide the entire sales process
  • I have an eye for the business and emotional side with regard to the sales of your home.

Why sell your home at Alexa Housing?

I offer you a completely new concept and many extras. How about a free technical building inspection if you sell your home at Alexa Housing? Yes, it’s really true! As the first real estate agent in the Netherlands, I offer all my selling customers a free technical building inspection worth € 375,- if I am allowed to sell your home! The technical and structural inspection is carried out by Perfectkeur, an independent nationally operating agency - www.perfectkeur.nl. – www.perfectkeur.nl.

Now you may think: "A construction inspection is always arranged by the buyer, isn't it? Yes, that's right, but I am turning things around, which creates a new perspective on property sales. Your own technical building inspection gives you as a seller many advantages in the sales process. And your buyer will also benefit from it. A win / win situation for both!

The realtor with a heart for your home!

Advantages for you as a seller:

A house that has already been technically inspected proves to be extra interesting for buyers. After all, the buyer does not have to arrange anything anymore and does not have to bear any additional costs. No time is wasted. Negotiations can start immediately, because the technical and structural condition of the house is clear. This benefits your negotiating position. No more risk of dissolution of the purchase agreement after four weeks due to a disappointing structural inspection. No more risk of potential buyers dropping out. The buyer will no longer dissolve the signed purchase agreement within four weeks due to a disappointing result of the technical building inspection (resolutive condition). After all, the buyer already has the technical building report. In this way you avoid a restart of the sales process. And the need to find a new buyer. As a seller, you comply for a big part with your notification obligation.

Advantages for the buyer of your home:

It is very attractive for a buyer to buy a property with a free construction report:

  • No extra costs and nothing to arrange.
  • No loss of time with regard to the resolutive condition of approx. 4 weeks. Negotiations can begin immediately - the structural condition is clear.
  • The buyer knows what he is buying. This also immediately complies with its duty to investigate.

More advantage for the buyer in obtaining a mortgage from banks

  • No time wasted when applying for a mortgage, the technical building report can be submitted immediately.
  • Banks often require a technical building inspection for houses with a NHG mortgage. The buyer does not have to arrange anything for this, as this condition has already been met.
  • Banks require a building inspection for houses with 10% or more overdue maintenance of the home value or with the advice of an appraiser. With the free building inspection from Alexa Housing, these conditions have already been met.


What does a building inspection of your home mean?


Free technical building inspection of your home worth € 375.-

Need extra help in your new home? Alexa Housing Extra Services

During the entire process I am happy to help you with great attention to detail. That is why ALEXA HOUSING even offers additional services to make life easy for you.

You can contact ALEXA HOUSING Extra Services to arrange all the extra things that come with selling a property and moving house. For example, how about a cleaning of your home before delivery to the buyer? You no longer have to worry about this and you can fully focus on your new home.

I would be happy to help you with the following services:

  • Relocation service
  • Clean-up service
  • Cleaning service
  • DIY/maintenance service
  • Garden service
  • Stylist

* There are costs associated with these extra services

I work with stylist Anneke Deen. Check out her website www.mooi-groot.nl.

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Alexandra van Etten, Alexa Housing
Alexandra van Etten, Alexa Housing

Selling your home is an exciting and often emotional process.

After all, it almost always has to do with important events in life: marriage, birth, death, divorce, change of job, retirement, cohabitation, etc. Combining these business and emotional factors into a positive sales result is my mission as estate agent.

Therefore choose ALEXA HOUSING, an office that values a personal approach and has an eye for the emotional value of your home. An office that is characterized by a correct and stylish way of doing business.

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The realtor with a heart for your home!

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