Alexa Housing is affiliated with VBO

Alexa Housing is affiliated with VBO, an association of real estate agents and appraisers. An active trade association with over 1,200 engaged entrepreneurs.

To be a member of VBO, a broker must be in possession of the correct papers, keep the knowledge permanently up to date and of course be certified. Thanks to multiple knowledge meetings throughout the year and mandatory Permanent Education, we stay up-to-date with regard to the real estate- and housing market. We do so to offer our customers the quality and service they expect. VBO members have a database with historical and current housing information. This information ensures that a VBO broker can provide you with good advice, can substantiate it and thus makes a stronger negotiating partner. You can assume that your VBO broker / appraiser is knowledgeable and behaves like a good contractor. This includes drawing up a correct sales advertisement, receiving potential buyers or tenants, conducting thorough negotiations and pointing out certain risks. Do you unexpectedly have a complaint or have a dispute arising between you and your broker / appraiser? Then you can contact the independent Disputes Committee for Real Estate Agents (SGC) and the independent Disciplinary Court for Real Estate Agents Netherlands (TMCNL). In addition, VBO members are obliged to take out insurance against damage caused by professional errors. This is also in your interest.

Want to know more about VBO? Go to: https://www.vbo

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